The Hidden Patch

Clothing is more than just what we wear to present ourselves to the world. For me, it is art, affecting how I feel about myself and what I’m thinking about or hoping for on that particular day.
Sometimes I sew a patch onto the insides of my skirts and fill it with stones, herbs and spices, acorns or charms…just whatever I want. When I wear the skirts with what I call the Hidden Patch, I like to reach down and hold the stones and spices in my hand throughout the day to reconnect with their positive energy.
I sewed a skirt for myself a while back that I call Summer’s Day, it’s made of cheery blue and natural colored calicos. The Hidden Patch in that skirt contains Citrine and Amethyst for Joy, Optimism and Hope. Whenever I need a little boost of good vibes, I can just reach down and touch the patch, and let the stones work their magic 🙂

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