Baggy bathing suits and other delights

The Splash and Play is closed for the summer. It is September after all even if it still feels like summer here in the south. Wildwood Baby enjoys dragging us around at the Splash and Play. We enjoy it too. Do other people have as much trouble as I do finding the right size clothing for their babies? I usually buy things two sizes too big but how can you tell at the store if you can’t try them on your kid? I can’t even imagine getting my little beast to try on anything at the store. I can barely keep her in the cart. We actually went to Target once just for something fun to do…truth be told I love to walk around Target and look at all the goodies. She enjoys wandering around the store, touching all the stuff on the lower racks. She is so conscientious about putting everything back. Where are the other delights I mentioned in the title you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Just check out those baby fat rolls on my girl’s lovely long legs!

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