Jello Cat and Fam

Padma, our delightfully round and soft mama kitty likes to pretend that she is made of jello whenever I try to move her off the keyboard. She is very, very stubborn and literally will just turn to mush if she doesn’t want to move. Her other fave trick is to dig her claws into whatever is underneath her and drag it with her-blankets, mats with food and water bowls on them, whatever. She is talented. She is also one of the sweetest and most kindest mama kitties I know.

When I’m upset she comes to check on me and she takes excellent care of her babies, who are now 3 years old.
Fritzie (the black one), who I’m sure was the “older brother” passed away last year after a heartbreaking battle with Urinary Blockage. He was so special. We miss you Fritzie-Do!

Padma practiced kitten led weaning, co sleeping and gentle discipline, she is a staunch supporter of Attachment Parenting. I’ve learned a lot from her.

One thought on “Jello Cat and Fam

  1. I didn’t realize that you had lost Fritzie! What a great guy he was. I had a book to recommend to you, and I forgot to tell you about it. I’ll try to think of it.


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