Roopville Homecoming Festival

We live way out in the sticks, over one mile off of two dirt roads on a large wooded family plot of land, to be exact, and we love it. Admittedly though, there is a certain charm to small town life. The history, the families who have been there for decades and the new families too. This small town has a fall festival every year called the Homecoming Festival because of a high school that used to be here. People have tents set up to sell stuff they’ve made-blankets, handmade chairs, wooden toys and yummy, yummy food. There is fun kid stuff to do too, like ride on a little train, jump around a big bouncy thing and ride ponies. It’s always a fun day to go the festival and a great way to celebrate fall!

One thought on “Roopville Homecoming Festival

  1. If this is the one in your nearest town, my mom and I used to go there every year when I was growing up. I still have a number of the crafts that we bought there. I used to love to do that stuff but haven’t gone in awhile.


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