McIntosh Fall Festival…a fun day!

I am head over heels in love with Mcintosh Reserve. We go there as much as we can when the weather is nice. It’s about 527 acres along the Chattahoochee River and the land is absolutely gorgeous. The festival they hold each fall is centered on a Native American Pow Wow. There is tribal music and dancing as well as vendors and other delights.

There is so much history there too. Long ago, the Reserve was a plantation called Lockchau Tolofau (Acorn Bluff) and it belonged to Chief William McIntosh, a part Scots and Creek Chief who was murdered there in 1825 by unknown members of the Creek Tribe. McIntosh had signed over the last of the Creek land to the state even though the Creeks had vowed to kill persons who sold any more of their land away.

I think these were sea glass. They were so pretty. We were headed off to another vendor before I got a chance to ask anyone. Wildwood Baby was very busy checking everything out!It was just lovely to walk along the river listening to the drumming and the singing. What a nice day!

2 thoughts on “McIntosh Fall Festival…a fun day!

  1. Years ago, M was hired to film the festival. That was a bit of a problem since many Native Americans do not allow photographic or video images of their tribal rites. The organizers didn’t know this. 🙂


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