Morning Song-A rainbow myth

Once, long ago there was an old woman. She had devoted her entire life to singing up the sun. One morning she overslept and was surprised to find that the sun had risen without her songs and prayers. She felt betrayed, she felt useless. “Why did you not tell me sooner- when I was young, that you could rise all by yourself?” she yelled up at the sun.

The sun was angry. “How dare she speak so rudely to me”, he thought. The sun beat down on the old woman, drying out her little garden and soaking up all the water in her little pond. The woman had no food and in desperation went to the moon for help. The moon pitied the old woman and asked the clouds to rain down some water for her parched garden and to fill up her pond.

When the sun rose the next morning without the old woman’s songs, he was surprised to find that he missed her singing. He shone with a gentle light on her bowed head.

She cried up to the sun, “I feel so ashamed of my pride. All these years I thought it was me that was helping you to rise and you never really needed me!” The sun smiled down on her and said “Yes, it’s true I never needed your help to rise but Dearest, your songs helped me enjoy my work and for that I want to give you this. The sky was still wet from the moon’s songs of rain and when the sun shone his light through the mist, a lovely rainbow appeared. The woman gasped at its beauty and smiled up to the sun.

And the next day she sang her morning songs once more.

Copyright 2008 Laura Heilman, Wildwood Mama

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