Loveletters, my take on things

So, I did this thing over at Owlhaven where you write your love story along with some other bloggers. I pulled out all my old loveletters from WP, my journals, my trinkety crap and I went through it for days, listening to PJ Harvey and grumping at the toddler beast when she dared to interrupt my obsessive leap into the past.
I was filled with a sentimental joy at reliving all the sweet stuff, the love and the innocence. Then came the sadness and the regrets and as I worked through all this stuff I began to question WP about why he did this or that or what did he really feel.
The worst part was when I got to my journal from 1997, the year we got together again. The year we talked about marriage and he gave me the ring saying, how about a promise ring? Nohow about just a present? And here I was, 11 years later, a well loved woman, asking him- did you really love me? Were you in love with me? He has explained it all at least twice, brave soul and I understand, I do. Yet, even after all these years it hurt my feelings.
Then I began to read some of the other love stories that women had written and they talked candidly, gracefully about some of the ups and downs of their own love stories and I realized that just about every relationship has its hard times and even if things are great right now there will always be ups and downs. The thing that makes it all so lovely is that we chose to stick it out together. We had faith in each other and we saw through our fear to the love waiting for us.

Loveletters, Our Story
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2 thoughts on “Loveletters, my take on things

  1. IF men would talk to their mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers about how to approach their intended in these delicate love arenas, us “intendeds” would not have these sad things to mull over decades later.Life only offers us a few key moments that will stay with us forever and they should be approached with great thoughtfulness from our menfolk.i.e., how they interacted with us during pregnancy, early childhood rearing days, sickness, etc.Fortunately by the time menopause approached me, my beloved had learned a few things and his support helped me through that phase with understanding. lol.G Smith


  2. Oh, how I understand the ups and downs! I suppose we shall have a lifetime of that if we are lucky. I have no doubt that you are loved right now, and that’s what matters.


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