Wearing our baby

This week is International Babywearing Week and Stephanie, over at Adventures in Babywearing (one of my fave blogs) is having a little get together for all us kangaroos to share our own adventures. She is giving away a sling from Nonny & Boo. They make some really gorgeous slings, I spent some time on their website this morning. I love this one!There is one thing I’ve learned about slinging babies-you can never have enough, especially as they grow…and grow…and grow!

When I found out that I was pregnant one of the first things I shopped for was a sling. For me there has always been a tender romanticism about carrying a baby close to your heart while you go about your day.
I read all about rebozos, ring slings, pouches, wraps and mei tais. There are so many good options, it was a bit overwhelming. I was able to find a good Maya Wrap used on Ebay so I went with that. I used the Wrap for a while but as our little one grew (at a meteoric rate, I must say) I needed something different. Wildwood Baby has always been way off the charts in height and weight so I knew I needed something that would distribute her weight more evenly.
Again, I hit the websites, reviews and forums until finally I came across the Mei Tai Carriers. In particular one designer, Baby Hawk. They have all kinds of fabrics you can choose from which is good because it needed to be something Wildwood Papa would wear as well. Ours is black with blue fabric adorned with dragons and it worked great for us. We don’t use it as much as we used to, the little miss has become terribly independent since turning two, well, that and the fact that she is over 3 feet tall and is only 2 years old! We used to tote her around everywhere, close to our hearts, her head positioned just right for kisses. I used it at home a lot too. For comfort and security, but also to get things done.
One of my favorite memories was the way she watched everything I did as she rode in her sling, studying and learning for when she could start doing stuff like that too.
I loved holding her little feet in my hands as we walked around. Her Auntie Monkey is demonstrating this in the photo.
It was also great for bellydancing at drum circles and haflas. I could dance around the drum circle as much as I wanted with her strapped to my chest and everyone would smile at her as we shimmied our way around! She would watch them solemnly, unafraid even during her shy periods because she was held close to me.
It’s about time for me to stitch up a sling for her to wear. She has been toting her loveys down her shirt, close to her heart and secure, the same way I toted her around for so long and still do.

12 thoughts on “Wearing our baby

  1. Hi! I discovered babywearing after stumbling across Steph’s blog and love it! I have been wanting to try a Mei Tai carrier and was wondering how you get the baby on your back? Also, I have looked at baby hawk a lot, and was wondering if you really felt they are worth the price or if you find there are other kinds that are just as good but a little cheaper? I have been hunting for a used on on ebay but haven’t had luck yet (though it will be a little while before I can carry JR on my back, so I have time to look) Also, did you get the normal size or the toddler size? It would be nice to be able to use it for my 2 year old on the rare occasions he wants to be carried too…Thanks for the info!!I love the pictures!


  2. Hello some how I found your blog looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia and im not sure how, anyways you have a great blog and I wish you the best.


  3. I love, love, love my BabyHawk too. It’s so great for carrying heavy toddlers around. Plus, since they do the reversible thing, I was able to get a “daddy” fabric on one side and a “mommy” fabric on the other.


  4. Miche, I wanted to comment back about the Mei Tai…I bet there are good, cheaper ones out there besides Babyhawk but I’ve only actually experienced mine. It worked well for us when our girl was little but also as a toddler. I didn’t try her on my back until she was old enough to really hold on and then we did it sitting on the bed first! Babyhawk has instructions on their website on how to tie for back carry. Good luck!


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