A very simple Mother Blessing

Mother Blessings are a lovely way to celebrate a woman’s pregnancy and preparation for birth. My own was a very special gathering for us. My oldest sister is having her belly birth, (that’s what we are calling her Cesarean), this Wednesday so we had a very small get together at her house.
Wildwood Papa made her a small leather pouch to wear and we each got candles to light on Wednesday. We are wearing red string bracelets to honor and draw strength from the women in our family as well as to symbolize our connection of support to Suzanne.
After we snacked ourselves silly, I gave her a cornmeal foot massage. Wildwood Baby and I gave each other massages as well. I was surprised at how good it felt-cool and exfoliating, much better than massage oil in my opinion.
This was a very simple gathering. There are so many wonderful things you can do for a pregnant woman at her Mother Blessing. Snowboard Mommy has a great post here on Mother Blessings.
Also, my cousin has a moving post on a gathering she attended here.
It was a nice day!

We Are Sisters
by Co. Midwives Association

We are sisters on a journey,
Shining in the sun.
Shining through the darkest night.
The healing has begun, begun…
The healing has begun.

We are sisters on a journey,
singing now as one.
Remembering the Ancient Ones
The women and the wisdom…
The women and the wisdom.

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