The madness has begun

Wildwood Baby is playing quietly in her room. I love hearing her play in there, hearing the toys bang around and the things she says to them. Crazy Cat Lady, Shaggy and the Wolf are having some sort of drama in the dollhouse. Wolf probably chewed up their best couch cushions again. Horse and Cow are always together but sometimes they play with Sheep and sometimes with Pig…she is very particular about her toys and their interactions with one another, but then who isn’t?
I started looking at Christmas toys on Ebay last night. I am of course trying to see what kind of cool stuff I can get for real cheap. I think everyone else is too.
WB loves Little People, especially the animals, and I came across two fat unicorns that I’m sure she would love…not that I want them for myself or anything. So, I bid on them, shut down the computer and went to sleep, my eyes burning from obsessively scanning the listings on Ebay for deals. After dreaming about them and other characters from the LP gang, I woke up this morning and promptly checked my Ebay account.
The unicorns were taken from me by an ambitious bidder for $.50 over what I bid and probably during the last half hour…the madness has begun.

2 thoughts on “The madness has begun

  1. This post made me smile. It is very appropriately titled. You’ll probably have many more stories in the saga that is commonly known as Christmas shopping. I know I certainly will. The things we do for our children! Oy…that could probably be an entire blog segment. 🙂Good luck conquering the world of Ebay. I admire your dedication. Ebay is one of the many technological frontiers that I have yet to infiltrate. Thanks for stopping by our blog!


  2. I get so mad when I lose an auction, which has led to overbidding in the past. Did I ever tell you about my Donnie and Marie Barbies. I hated Donnie, so I used to beat up on him and throw him under the bed. No one wanted to associate with him. Imagine my surprise years later when I actually cleaned under my bed and found him. Who knows, he might be a collector’s item now. ha You know I can identify with the unicorn lust.


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