Let’s focus on the new box instead

It’s been one of those days, I suppose. The hot water heater went out and it is not fixable so Wildwood Papa bought a new one. We had to use some of our emergency fund for when he goes back to work (he’s been out due to a knee injury). Right now, his company only has work for employees as the jobs come in so there will be paychecks that are very short.
The good news is that Wildwood Baby is over her tonsilitis and her fever is finally gone. She is joyfully playing with her animal train while I scour the house for things to sell on Ebay and Craigslist for a little extra money.
There is an unforseen bonus to having to buy this stupid hot water heater…it came in a huge box which is an awesome playtoy for Wildwood Baby and the kitties. Right now, the kitties are so wild over it, she is sort of hanging back but once they stop attacking each other and zooming around the darn thing, it will be her turn!

One thought on “Let’s focus on the new box instead

  1. I’m sorry you had to buy the new hot water heater. Every time a household thing happens, I have a major freak out–as you know. Did I ever tell you about my cardboard playhouse? That was a great toy.


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