Starting a Nature Table

I’ve been wanting to start a Nature Table or Seasonal Altar for long time. We bring in stuff from the woods or the front yard to decorate the house with, but I’ve always loved the idea of having a special table to put pine cones, leaves, rocks, or whatever we want to celebrate the beauties of nature.
I belong to an amazing group of crunchy mamas and papas out here. We get together so our kids can play and to support each other in our natural living choices. One mama had this fantastic idea to get together and take nature walks no matter the weather, quite a waldorfian notion.
Since we just recently marked some trails in the woods behind the house, we are excited to invite everyone out here to walk. And what a great time that would be to collect goodies for the Nature Table!
The traditional Waldorf Nature Table is a way for children to connect and interact with nature in a personal way indoors. To bring a little of that outdoors magic inside. Although, it isn’t a pagan practice, I see a connection to the pagan seasonal altar to celebrate the Wheel of the Year.
Our Table will be in the living room where Wildwood Baby can always have access to it. We spent some time today organizing and getting the little table ready.It doesn’t matter if it gets messy, life is messy and I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun deciding what to put there and how to arrange it. I know I will too!Here is a list of other blog postings on the Nature Table and Seasonal Altars
Eadha Deora
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