Co-sleeper or catbed?

I spent hours researching how our girl would spend her sleeping hours as an infant. I knew that I wanted her close to us and I knew I wouldn’t be using a crib. The Co-Sleeper made the most sense because it straps right to the side of the bed. I found one used on Ebay and set it up in the bedroom a week before my duedate. I should have known from the cats’ reaction to it, what it would truly be used for.

When Wildwood Baby first came home from the hospital, I would nurse her to sleep then gently place her in the Co-Sleeper. She would sleep peacefully for about 15 minutes then start squirming, then start crying, then start propelling her little newborn body diagonally across the mattress then start crying even harder. I pulled her over the little rail and our girl has been in the bed with us ever since. That co-sleeper made an excellent cat bed and diaper holder. We’ve gotten flack here and there from people who don’t hold our same personal opinion of the Family Bed. That’s ok, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. The thing is, cosleeping works for us and we love it. All that cuddle time is just heavenly and when she is ready to move into her own room, well, that’s cool too. Besides, the cats really enjoyed having the co-sleeper to themselves.

3 thoughts on “Co-sleeper or catbed?

  1. When you’re a cat, it’s also fun to start suddenly sleeping in the comfy dog bed that the little fat dog has been sleeping in for years. There’s nothing the little fat dog can do about it.


  2. U R a brave soul or is this a new day? Us old hippie types didn’t tell anyone about our “attachment parenting” techniques!!!You have to do what is necessary for you and your children and hope for the best….sometimes it takes quite a trip into adulthood to see your results because each child is a free moral agent..But again that is a journey you parents have to take to see the end results of your efforts..Granny Smith


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