Poor pitiful dogs

I’d like to say that Wildwood Girl and I have dirty feet all the time because of the rain and the mud, but the truth is we have dirty feet all the time because we’re dirty hippies. Wildwood Papa, apparently is not as cool as we are because his feet are always clean.
Life have been extra muddy around here lately and it is a chore to get the horde of hounds out in the morning when it is rainy, sprinkling, looking like rain or just wet.
Mollie Wog decided that she wasn’t going out at all and hid on the dog bed in the corner of the bedroom.

When I cajoled her up and out, this was the pitiful look I received for my efforts. Notice the ears pointing down, the upbrows pointing up and the slight doggy frown. Magnificent performance, Mollie!
I get a lot of those kind of looks around here.

You’d think that I would have a huge guilt complex because of all these poor pitiful looks.

You’d think.

3 thoughts on “Poor pitiful dogs

  1. I know just what you mean about the dirty feet, dirty hippie thing. My little one Sophie and I are also dirty hippies. (Dad’s feet are always clean too) lol Love your blog. Blessings.


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