Lovely, lovely Easter

I’ve been depressed lately, sort of lost feeling and casting about and having anxiety attacks at the Shop O’ Rama just because someone pushes their cart too close to mine. In grand Leo fashion, I hemmed and hawed at length about my emotional capability of being able to shop for the Easter goodies and even though Mark had so thoughtfully offered, I really wanted to do it myself. So, I decided to go early in the morning and instantly I was mesmerized by all the pastel colors, the shelves and shelves of delightful plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies. You know, Easter was my favorite holiday as a kid. Everything about Easter is visually pleasing…the smoothness of the eggs, the bright colors in the glass that turn to a soft pastel on the shell…pile upon pile of individually foil wrapped candy, rabbit ears in easter grass…lovely, lovely Easter.

Audra…is that your tray? Mama found it in the basement the other day and thought it was mine…I can’t remember. Anyway, if it’s yours, you’ll have to come out and visit to get it!

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