Heartbroken, the West Virginia mine disaster

A massive explosion from a buildup of methane gas in a West Virginia mine killed 25 people last night…possibly more. Here is the story on NPR. They are searching for the remaining 4. I remember when I read the news of the Sago Mine Disaster of 2006. I was pregnant with Riona and it felt like I cried for a week straight over it. I am just as heartbroken today over this disaster and with love and respect I am posting something I wrote back in 2006 after hearing Jean Ritchie’s song West Virginia Mine Disaster.

Her voice, high and sweet (The Sago Mine Disaster)

If I close my eyes to the darkness, I can hear her voice, high and sweet, like the birds that sing outside our bedroom window in the morning. If I think of home, the kitchen I left just this morning, smelling of syrup and coffee…I can hear her voice,high and sweet-full of love for me here in the darkness. Holding the hand of the man next to me, roughened and hard like mine, I cannot see his face…a small blessing. Somewhere behind me, there is the sound of crying, small and quiet like a tired child nearly asleep, but all I can really hear is her voice, high and sweet, singing for me as she made our breakfast this morning, sighing as she kissed me goodbye.

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