Little Green, 1973 Steury Pop Up Camper

It was destiny, for real. We’ve wanted a camper now for a long time. We don’t travel a lot for obvious reasons but one of them is the high cost of hotels and even motels. I prefer my own space anyway and what I really love to do is go to parks and reserves so a camper really is just the thing for us. Occasionally I like to check them out on Craigslist just to torment myself. Then I saw this one and it drove me nuts all day. I tamped all those feelings of gypsy lust down and only looked at the listing like once a day instead of twenty. Two months later he came down on the price and I freaked out. Not only was the camper a gypsy beauty, it was made the year I was born and he had LOWERED the price. Drama, drama and I pulled the money out of our hard earned savings, nearly decimating it and we bought the darn thing. And you know what? I love it. I don’t regret this purchase at all. So, yeah, it must have been destiny.

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Little Green

6 thoughts on “Little Green, 1973 Steury Pop Up Camper

  1. How are you enjoying your camper? We just purchased a 1976 Steury and had a bear of a time finding anyone who would even look at the crank cables that had broken, but we were really impressed with how nice the camper was inside! I hope you are enjoying yours!


  2. I just purchased this same camper and it needs some love. Do either of you have any suggestions on repairing a corner of the canvas?
    I don't have any crank cables that I can locate so we are lifting it up by hand…


  3. I just purchased this camper( 1973) , the crank cables don't appear to be on it, and it needs some major love. Do either of you have suggestions for repairing the canvas tears?


  4. Ours is really hard to pop up too because of the arms. I would love to get new arms someday. The owners before us have done a lot of repair to the canvas by patching it with new canvas fabric and using thick thread. For small tears I have used Tear-Aid and I like it although it is expensive if you have a lot of tears like we do! Good luck! I am still completely in love with my camper but we don't take it out much because it is so hard to lift up. Thanks Joel Silvey for the cool uploads/brochure!


  5. We have her ceiling painted and we think in running condition..made some new drapes.
    We are in crisis mode,
    1.can't instructions to put up the awning anywhere
    2. we needed propane and had to upgrade the tanks and now the lines don't connect ( for heat)

    Any suggestions???
    You can reach me direct at and I can send you some pics after the weekend~


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