Roopville Homecoming Festival

Train rides at the Roopville Homecoming Festival
Photo by Ricky Stilley/Times-Georgian

The Roopville Homecoming Festival is a fun little festival right here in my own sweet town…this year it is on September 17th and will go from 8am to 9pm. There will be kids’ activities, church bbq, a parade and of course arts and crafts vendors….oh and a car show! Mama, Suzanne and I have teamed up as the Crow’s Nest Collective to vend there this year (my first show!). I’ve been an arts and crafts festival fanatic for years and now I get to show my own work…can you tell I’m excited?!

photo by Laura Heilman

My mom, Annette Hartman makes lovely jewelry and handcrafted cards…

My sister just opened an Etsy store, Woodland Shimmer…her mossy creations are magical…

and my photography and twiggy frames are here at Wildwood Craftings.

You can check out an old post of mine about the festival and some more photos here.

A little more info about Roopville from here

The City of Roopville, was incorporated in 1885, growing from the original settlement started by Martin Roop, his wife, Elizabeth, and their 10 children.
Roop migrated to Georgia from South Carolina and settled in the area in 1855. The Roop family became prosperous farmers and businessmen and contributed to the development of the entire area.
Located on a high ridge in southern Carroll County nine miles southwest of Carrollton, Roopville is a small, close-knit community with a population of about 250.
Historical Building in Roopville, Ga The Roopville Historical Society founded a museum located off U.S. 27 just past the post office to help preserve the city’s rich history. The historical society also sponsors the annual Roopville Homecoming Festival in September. This will be its 70th year and it will include many arts and crafts from local artist.
The municipal address for Roopville, Georgia is:

  • Roopville
  • P.O. Box 165,
    Roopville, Georgia 30170
    (770) 854-7977

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