My first two festivals

In September, Mama and I set up our booth at Roopville then at the McIntosh Fall Festival and PowWow.

Both were great experiences and we learned a lot. I got a lot of love from the people coming through…some were outright admiring while others were more like…”hmmm…well, that is interesting.” Between the two festivals I broke even and made a little bit of profit which went directly to funnel cakes and bbq and ice cream homemade by these delightful folks at Cavender Creek.

I have so many questions though…where do I fit in with my frames? Arts…Crafts…Folk Art? Who are my people? Do I go to juried arts shows and festivals or more crafty type community festivals?

One thing I have learned and this came directly from a new friend of mine Ron Free of the Big Duluth Creative Studio…find something that you love doing, stick with it and get really good at it…well, something like that but you know, it resonated and I do believe these twiggy twigs are the thing for me.

The next step…make more frames! Painted frames, framed collages, blank frames, custom frames…..anything that can be sealed down is getting framed! And in between that…keep looking for my people.


One thought on “My first two festivals

  1. It was a delight to see you and spend some time with you and your family at the festival. I sincerely wish you well in the venture! I admire you for taking the chance to see if it would work! That's brave. But I KNOW with your spirit and charisma, it WILL work! =)


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