Wacky cute snowy owls craft for the winter season

This is my kind of craft…pinecones and sticks and birds…we had so much fun doing this! Check this link for the instructions from the NWF’s site but here is ours…
We gathered pine cones and used some of my twigs, leaves and honeysuckle vine for the nest as well as pretty paper, white paper, mod podge, cotton balls, coffee filters and felt….beads and a cigar box.
We layered the cigar box with coffee filters, shiny red paper and pulled apart cotton balls for the snowy ground then layered the inside of the top with coffee filters and a glittery moon and stars for the snowy winter sky.
Riona picked out all the beads for the little owly eyes.
We painted the pine cones with mod podge then covered them with pulled apart cotton balls.

Then yellow circles of felt for the eyes (and beads) and black triangles for the beaks. I ended up having to hot glue gun the beads on.

Then the wings…white paper with cotton glued on…

Put it all together and you get a wacky cute snowy owl family….Riona is completely smitten with hers.
She lays them down at night, closes the box a bit for bedtime then opens it and sets them back up in the morning. It’s so sweet. Oh and to get that circular nesty look I used honeysuckle vines cause they sort of grow in circles anyway and they are easy to manipulate.

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