Journal: Tree Magic, Plum Trees

When we moved out to the middle of the woods, one of the first things we did was plant trees in our red clay front yard. We planted two Thundercloud Plums that we found for a good deal at the Big Lots…these trees have been a delight…they took a bit to spread out but their pink blossoms in the spring and year round rich purple leaves are lovely in the front yard. I use their branches when I can…when they need pruning and are able to give me some of their energy.
Dr James Maertens of the Bardic Institute writes in his article Dryads and the magical properties of Wood “Plum is a consummate wand wood for the creative artist or anyone desiring to focus on magic that will enhance skill, overcome barriers, keep people or disturbance at bay, evoke toughness and persistence, patience, protection, and healing, especially of the blood.”
Plum has a dark, textured sheen to it when sealed and has a loving, powerful energy to me…its branches and twigs are strong and straight with an air of determined resolve…definitely an encouraging wood to drive ambition and persistence. I can see though how it could turn to jealousy though and even obsession.

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