Journal: My Journey with Crow

The more I work with totems and guides the more I realize that the synchronicities and messages they provide are rarely the answers themselves. They show up to let us know something is afoot and we need to get on it and figure it out. And…that they will help us.

Image Found at Wolves of the Rockies

Crow flew by our backyard windows, a huge dark shadow against the green of the trees. Then he landed in the tulip tree and he was magnificent…huge and regal and badass looking. Shiny black but sort of dappled too. He stayed just long enough to give me the chills then he was off.
Wolf has been showing up for me a lot lately in books, images, cards etc…so when I saw this photo online, it just clicked. Crow and Wolf work together and they have a message for me.

Birth of a Star

That night, I visualized flying with Crow, riding his Spirit with mine. I went into that vision/beta zone before sleep and we swooped together through the pine branches of the woods. My consciousness changed, I became unaware, a passenger…and we were swooping fast through a silver and grey tunnel. We came out into an opening, a window onto the Universe and there we stopped. Our window looked out onto black space, stars, swirls of energy and color and enormity…going forever. Crow was by my side but I couldn’t quite see her/him, only hear her voice, the reassuring presence.
Above me a current flowed, made of starshine and transparency, moving, always moving. It was Time…and our world was there too. It flowed through the Universe just like a long current does through the ocean. Time in our world went so much faster than here where the Guides and Angels and Spirits lived for the space was so much larger here.

Water Rays

Crow was there to validate my understanding of what I was seeing and Crow was there to reassure me. Next a strange thing happened and while it scared me, it wasn’t bad. I became aware that my daughter was there with me as well, she was looking out over the infinite expanse as I was and wondering if she could reach out and touch the stars and the current of Time above us. I panicked out of motherly protection…I felt that she was too young to be so near the edge here at the window and Crow took us back home.
My thanks to Crow for this Journey.

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