Super Fun Branch Art Tutorial

This is a super fun project…it’s one of those where you can make it as simple or complicated as you like and it’s great for kids and adults.
You will need:
Sturdy backing (wood, an old hardback book cover, old drawer backing)
A small branch
Fabric (I used wool from an old sweater and brown burlap)
Buttons and/or beads
Glue (tacky or hot glue gun)
Mod Podge
Twine, ribbon, etc.
Scissors, paint brushes, etc.

1. Paint the backing and the branch first with whatever colors you like. 

2. While they are drying, cut out the leaf shapes.  
3. Glue the branch down to the backing…hot glue gun works best here. Also, where the branch isn’t quite flat enough to glue down, you can put a little bit of wool or other fluffy fabric as a go between so the branch will stay better. 

4. Glue the leaves down around the branch. There are many ways you can do this…just pick which design you like best.

5. Glue down fabric scraps, beads or buttons to accent the leaves.
6. Glue down whatever you want around the branch…we used beads, buttons and twine to border the tree. 
7. Seal everything down with Mod Podge! This seals everything and provides an extra layer of glue so that all your pretties will stay put. Riona mixed in glitter on one of hers and I love that effect.


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