Laying on the Ground

I’m doing a fun challenge for March in which you do four positive things a day that you often put aside or don’t make time for. It is called the Tortoise Challenge and is hosted by some very sweet and supportive folks. Their vlog…

One of mine today is to lay on the ground…simple, easy and something that brings great peace to my soul. There is a spot out in the woods that cradles me and I can lay there and just be happy. but I forget to do it or I want to and don’t because I’m busy doing something else. So, today I went out there and just lay on the ground, listening to the woodpecker fuss at me and running my hands over the pine needles and oak leaves.

As I walking back in to start my work day I noticed how lovely the plum trees are in bloom. How the crows and the woodpecker seemed to be talking to each other over the treetops and how the moon was so big in the grey morning sky. So, of course I had to get my camera.


One thought on “Laying on the Ground

  1. Wow!! That's an awesome “tortoise” action! I may have to steal that for next month (when it gets a lil warmer). 🙂

    love the pics–there's a video that I took on my fb looking at the seeds blowing in the wind on a, um, I don't know what kind of tree. haha.

    thanks for sharing!


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