Sleeping babies

Leo’s duedate, Imbolc, February 2nd has come and gone. We buried him over Ruby’s head…our sweet mama dog who died the same night that I miscarried him. We thank you Ruby for your love and dedication. Leo, we let you go to the Summerland. If you come back to us, we welcome you with open arms. If not, our love and blessings go with you always.
I have been drawing and painting and stitching sleeping baby animals and I have loved each of them, cared for and created them with a mothering heart. They are real to me and they sleep happily. Content and cared for. Their mother just out of sight keeping watch over them. They will live out their happy woodland lives and have babies of their own someday. 

Riona has done a few of her own…but hers outshine mine in so many ways…they are happy and smiling and she didn’t like it that my babies were sleeping by themselves, so she drew her own pictures of mamas cuddling babies. This is a particular drawing of a kangaroo mama and baby snuggling up in a leafy den that I just love.

The following are sketches of mine that I will work on someday. More sweet sleeping babies.

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