A memorial of sorts

A few years back I wrote a book…a YA book. About a neanderthal girl, about the connection between humans and animals, about how we humans have been slowly turning away from our own wild nature. The book is long and rambling and has more plot holes than an alabama road. But it keeps coming to mind because recently I lost one of my older dogs, Gertrude and at some point her sisters will follow her to the Summerland. And these girls were my Haranni…my tribe of another species and so instead of writing out a memorial to each of them as they pass into the other realm, I will post this bit from my book, which shows my love and gratitude for the unconditional love they have given me over the years . “Muffling my face in their fur, I sobbed with joy and relief, letting the memories slide from me like water. They let me cry for as long as I needed and until their fur was soaked through with tears. Exhausted, I took a deep, ragged breath and Treah curled easily against my belly. My head resting on Gerd’s breast I fell asleep to the sound of her heartbeat as the autumn leaves rattled down around us.”


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