Journal: Brigid’s Call

I am drawn to energy healing. I always have been I think but now finally, I am answering the call. We have had a lot of death in our lives lately. When you live around a lot of animals, with them as part of your family, you know that death will become a large part of it all. For three years now, we have lost so many loved ones to old age as well as other things. I have become pragmatic and caring about the experiences but the pain is still there, fresh and raw.
When we lost our kitty Padma too soon…she was elderly but still too young to go…I used energy healing to comfort her until we could get her to the vet. It was intense and powerful and I just knew how to do it. We all do. It is part of our innate power, as beings on this earth.
So, I am reading books and talking and writing and thinking. Starting with learning the chakras more in depth and reading this book Hands of Light.

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