We adopted a dog from the shelter in town on Monday. He is just the sweetest thing…our little Princess Bonnie was having a hard time adjusting to another dog in the house. I reassured her that she will always be our baby princess and not to worry and didn’t she remember when she first came home from the shelter? Her great and overwhelming relief to be loved by someone and to have a home…then an equally great fear that it would be taken away from her again? It is an adjustment period as he feels these great emotions washing over him. He will need to be very close to us for a while and he will explore, test boundaries, driven by a need to learn about his new home but also to definitively make it his own, so that hopefully he will never be homeless again. Bonnie understood then and she has been easier on him. All of our dogs over the years have felt this process, the cats too. We fostered pets for many years after we moved out here and maybe that’s what made it so hard for me…I knew I was doing good work, the kind of work that changes lives but every time I let one of them go, some of my heart went with them…worrying that their new owners wouldn’t quite understand what they had gone through, that they might be dumped again. If I were stronger I would do it again, foster dogs and cats…pull them from the shelter….one life among many desperate for love and belonging.

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