Lizard totem, Spirit Walker, Dream Companion

11×14 watercolor mixed media on canvas

As I do more work in the spirit world, I am faced with a quiet lapse in confidence. I question if my visions will have meaning in the waking world…what if they don’t? And as I sit with these fears and questions, I realize that it doesn’t matter and more importantly, what does matter is a self belief. The messages will come as they are needed. For my own self, I can interpret them how I please and for others, they can do the same. Lizard came to me to reinforce this philosophy and to remind me that I should have self confidence in my visions and my spirit walks…and to simply trust in my guides and my own abilities.

We have an abundance of lizards out here in the woods as well as all kinds of other critters. My daughter and I love to see who is hanging out on the deck all different times of the day. We get the usual southeastern varieties of anoles and fence lizard and skinks. This past weekend, I came face to face with a big fence lizard, his belly shining bright blue in the sunlight. I had never noticed that they had blue bellies. He rolled his lizard eye up to look at me and we hung out for a little while until I called folks out to see him. I knew that I was noticing him for a reason, that my awareness of him was a message from my guides. “Trust, open, accept…believe in yourself and your abilities, as strange as they may seem at times.”

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