Our Lady of Divine Secrets

Our Lady of Divine Secrets

I am holding something back, holding something secret and precious near to my heart. It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s not that I’m shy or insecure. No, I am none of those things. I soar through the night, my silent flight a deadly threat to the small and hiding things of the wood. I am not afraid, my feathers hold their secrets close. They are my treasures, mine and mine alone. They keep me warm through the cold, ice laced winters. My secrets are my power, like the crystals growing deep beneath the earth, they power my compassion, my love for the world, my oneness…even when it is harsh and cruel and makes no sense.

Our Lady of Divine Secrets has a great reserve of power that each of us has and can call upon when we feel like there is no more room for love in our world. Her secrets are her own to keep, as are yours. What beautiful secrets light your path when the night is darkest?


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