Journal: Past life regression, September 2019

I completed this course on Udemy, Remove blocks to Psychic Power with Past Life Therapy . 

Last night I came to the past life regression part of this very helpful and well crafted course. Her meditation was different than others I’ve done in the past because she helps you pinpoint the life that is causing difficulties and blocks in your present life. To be honest, I was expecting something to do with a a different past life I had been exploring but as I was relaxing and opening my heart to the messages of my Guardians, I suddenly saw a swastika symbol flash behind my eyelids. I was red and black lit up from behind by white light. And my first thought was no, not this. I’ve always felt that I was involved in this war somehow. I’ve had dreams and knowings, and a dear friend, years ago, dreamed of us together, running…fleeing something terrible in this landscape.

I don’t always see a lot when I meditate on past lives. I saw my own legs, thin and grey or maybe grey pants and I was standing by a brick building, reddish with dark grey trim. Suddenly I felt a shock to my forehead and I jerked back involuntarily. It almost brought me out of the meditative state but I knew this was a gunshot. I knew this was the past life that is related to psychic blockages and probably blocks in life in general.

My eldest sister drew the Fox card and I see it as related to this experience. Fox knows when to keep her secrets close and when to be open with the world. I tend to keep my secrets close. I have always been transparent about my spirituality. I have been a witch since I was twenty years old, but I am also reserved and I see the world as a dangerous place for those who live their truth, if their truth doesn’t align with the majority.

While this sort of caution is completely reasonable in this world and even required to survive, I also see it as connected to this past life and I understand how it has held my psychic abilities back.

What I saw in meditation was extremely similar to the Death Wall at Auschwitz Birkenau.  (Yard of Block 11 for image).

This meditation brought a difficult melange of emotions to process. I am still processing them today.

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