Journal:The Coming of Fall

Mabon is coming up, the fall equinox and summer will finally be over.

This is a liminal time for me. I have made discoveries and I am moving toward a new understanding of myself.

The courses that I am taking with Sal Jade on Udemy are helping to put the pieces together. I have worked with my gifts haphazardly over the years and now I know that I am mostly clairvoyant because I see images and sometimes symbols. I also think that most of this ability is blocked because I have very little control over it and my dreams are full of unasked knowledge and images of other people’s lives.

I dream about people being murdered, trafficked for sex and I see it in great detail. I dream of their everyday lives too, small things but so detailed. In my dreams, I can recall faces more vividly than I have ever been able to in waking life.

I have walked in the spirit realm to find guidance for myself as well as a few others. I am more comfortable walking there for animals and although I would prefer my gift to be focused on animals, it seems that I dream mainly of humans.

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