Journal: Hekate

This summer has been brutal, twisting me up inside, challenging me in a thousand ways. I called to Hekate in a bald, ugly moment of despair, the sun beating down on my shoulders and she answered.

I didn’t understand at first, snakes on my pathway through the woods, snakes in my dreams but then a copperhead sat coiled next to the water spigot and I nearly touched her. She was calm, watching me. We moved her to the woods on a pitchfork chariot and later…finally…I decided to contemplate snake energy.

I came across the image of the Wheel of Hekate. Strophalos.

In my dark hour, I called for Hekate and she answered. I called her once before when I was young and stuck in an abusive relationship. I sang to her, a low weird gutteral song as I walked in unfamiliar woods. She comforted me then, but now, over twenty years later I am ready to walk with her.

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