A Sample Mabon Reading

I am sharing this reading with persmission from my client. My readings also include photos, the moon phase we are in as well as any crystal guides or other guides that come through.

“Happy Mabon my Dear!

This is a wonderful time of the year when the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to turn…oranges and reds and pumpkin spice everything! Mabon is a harvest sabbat, a time for reflection, release and transformation…we turn our hearts towards a gentle gratitude for where we are and contemplation for where we want to go next.

Your overall Guide and message for this reading is Awareness and Mindfulness. Fox sees everything around them, hears even the smallest turn of a leaf and knows themselves well. Fox is with you to help you develop mindfulness so that you can be aware of your body and your place in the world.

This season you are focused on understanding your place in the world with more clarity. You are seeing and noticing aspects of your life that may have seemed murky or confusing before. You see with sharper eyes, your understanding is focused. This is your harvest, something that you have been working hard on and you are reaping the benefits. This clarity and sharp focus is allowing you to make good decisions so that you can reach your goals and live in the world with more ease. You have been working with Daughter of Swords energy here. 

Although you have worked hard and have made so much progress with this, please know that you are still journeying…your ability to manifest your goals still needs to be nurtured and still needs time to grow further. You have the abilities and the talent to manifest your goals…you are on the right path…but if you feel like you aren’t quite there yet, just know that you need to keep the flow, keep the work going because you are heading in that direction. You are the Magician and have everything inside that you need!

This season you have much to be grateful for…but there is one aspect that shines about you. Your focus and your strong will are leading you to beautiful things. You don’t back down from challenges and this will lead you to victory. The Chariot is in your gratitude position, you have a strong will!

Seek balance in your quest for knowledge. You have a hunger for knowledge and thrive when you are able to learn new things. Be mindful of how this balances with your everyday life and celebrate this beautiful part of your nature. The Hierophant is where you should strive for balance this season. 

Your life is changing in a gentle way, you are becoming more content in the rhythms of your life and more self sufficient in a balanced and healthy way. This really is a time of harvest for you…you have been working so hard on your own health and happiness as well as the health and happiness of your family. Your sight has become clear and trustworthy from this work. The benefits of this are beginning to show in a confident, rooted way. The Nine of Pentacles is in the transformation position here. 

Any fears and anxiety about survival that might still be lingering need to be released. Any insecurity or fears of not being safe should also be released. Let these fears go with love and compassion. Your life is stable and dependable, you have a safe foundation on which to grow…allow your soul to expand into its sun cycle. Glowing, vibrant, confident. Gentle Daughter of Pentacles will help you release energy you no longer need. 

Your energy is bright with power and love…it shines out to the people around you, the people who love you. You have a magnetic personality and draw people to you with your vibrance and beauty. The Universe wants you to be happy so you can shine your light out into the world, making it a more beautiful and brighter place. This is part of your soul purpose… just being beautiful, wonderful you. Expressing yourself through your writing and art is an inspiration to many people. You are the gorgeous and powerful Mother of Wands!”


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