Journal: The In Between

I had a realization today. I wanted to be available energy wise, for the passing of my friend’s dog in the Spirit Realm but I also had an errand to run. I did my ritual to enter the Spirit realm while I was heading out. I only ever do that ritual when I am home and settled in. I set an intention to be half in the Spirit realm and half in this realm until I could get to the park and settle in. I have heard from spiritual people over the years that we should always close the connection with the Spirit realm when we are done connecting for meditation, trance, tarot, etc. or we would be drained and it would pull on our spirits. But it was actually very comfortable. In fact, it was wholly familiar. This state of being is peaceful and it feels similar to when rain is on the way and the wind is blowing and the sky is dark but you know it is only rain and everything is safe. It feels like magic in the air. Turns out, I am in this state many times a day and I didn’t even realize what it was. I am starting to believe that we are often one foot in the Spirit realm and one foot out. I have always been comfortable with border areas, the hedge, the in between but I didn’t realize just how much.


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