Journal: Blossom

Last night I saw a dark shadow moving by the furniture. This morning, I entered my safe space and asked about this energy. I saw the darkness, the shadow and my brain said to banish it, to ward against it but my heart spoke to me, saying to be kind, to show love.

With love, I asked the shadow to show its true self. Slowly, it rose up and began to turn transparent. It turned into a crystalline pale yellow energy, it was lovely.

A man appeared, an elderly Black man, tall and thin and he embraced the yellow form. He said “Blossom” with the sweetest tenderness in his voice and they both disappeared. She felt like his daughter or granddaughter.

I believe this energy vision that I saw and worked with is related to my past ancestry. A wrong that someone in my ancestral line perpetrated against Blossom and her father or grandfather.

Is this a way to make amends? to help heal some of pain and suffering that my ancestral line is responsible for?


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