Journal: El Capitan

I had a dream last week that I was riding in a convertible with a small group of people. The driver was a blond woman. We were driving at the very top of a mountain. This mountain was very tall, a yellow ochre red rust color with white streaks. It had rounded formations at the top. She was driving very quietly and confidently but the two people in the back got frightened and cried out when the car appeared to be going over the edge but it was just a steeper part of the road that went up then down. She was angered by the disruption and turned the car around. It swung out over the edge. This part of the dream was extremely realistic and I remember every detail. I swung out along with the car, seeing the ochre colored rock disappear beneath us. Going along with the torque and pull of the turn, I looked up at the very blue sky. It had wisps of white cloud and a bird flying higher than us. It was terrifying, but we were fine.

I woke myself up because it was too much and I remember thinking what did I just experience?

Today, I wanted to watch some hiking videos on Youtube but nothing seemed interesting then I remembered a trailer for a movie that I had wanted to watch but I couldn’t remember the name. I figured it out after a bit…Free Solo and started watching it, but I decided to watch The Dawn Wall since that story happened first. As I was watching it, I saw the top of El Capitan in Yosemite and it looked just like my dream. No road of course, but the terrain and color was the same.

When I went outside today to get the mail, I got stung by a wasp. Usually, when I get stung by a wasp there is something that I am supposed to be paying attention to.


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