Rabbit weaving



First Snowfall, Work in Progress

First Snowfall. This one is for my sister Suzanne who loves the snow and all things fluffy. When I’m not working this one I keep it in a bag for protection. It’s white and fluffy so all the cats want to either sleep in it or puke on it.

I am using the Sea Shells Shawl pattern by Harrietta from her Ravelry Store.  I just added an extra Row 12 when needed. I am using Bernat Fluffy White and Red Heart Metallics White.




Crochet is a great way to sooth anxiety and OCD stuff and since I’ve been hooking for a while now, I thought I’d start hustling too. I opened my Etsy shop and right now it has a limited amount of crochet bath accessories but soon I hope to have some witchy handmade soaps too.