Seaglass Chunky Shawl

I am excited to have finished my first crochet shawl that is for sale. I’ve been making them for myself, friends and family now for a few years. This one is called The Seaglass Shawl because of its pale aqua and silver colors. It is available in my Etsy shop. 

First Snowfall, Work in Progress

First Snowfall. This one is for my sister Suzanne who loves the snow and all things fluffy. When I’m not working this one I keep it in a bag for protection. It’s white and fluffy so all the cats want to either sleep in it or puke on it.

I am using the Sea Shells Shawl pattern by Harrietta from her Ravelry Store.  I just added an extra Row 12 when needed. I am using Bernat Fluffy White and Red Heart Metallics White.




Crochet is a great way to sooth anxiety and OCD stuff and since I’ve been hooking for a while now, I thought I’d start hustling too. I opened my Etsy shop and right now it has a limited amount of crochet bath accessories but soon I hope to have some witchy handmade soaps too.