Journal: Reiki

I started a Reiki course  by Lisa Powers on Udemy a few weeks ago and I love it. She has a wonderful demeanor and teaches specific parts of the practise very simply and concisely. I had my attunement with her about a week ago. It was a peaceful and pleasant experience. Meepo, my kitty stayed on my chest the whole time. I fell asleep about halfway through and he was still there on my chest when I woke up…what an energy junkie.
I have also been doing meditations on youtube with Lisa Beachy that have been very powerful. I did a Guide attunement with her about a week before and felt that same glorious peacefulness. I could see my Guides in energy form all around me, white and glowing. That same beautiful white energy flowed through me and it felt transformative…wonderful.
I am grateful to be on this path finally. It has taken a lot of soul work and many years to get here.

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